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Rainbows is a support group for children who have suffered a significant loss in their lives, either by death, or divorce or any painful transition.

It is available for children and young adults from 5 to 18 years of ages.


Objectives Of Rainbows

  • To help children/young person to understand grief
  • To off an opportunity for healing
  • To help build self esteem
  • To suggest ways of managing difficulties especially those associated with loss or change

The purpose of this program is to provide these children with an opportunity to meet new friends who have shared similar experiences.


To have trained caring adults to be present for the children while they sort through and understand their grief.


To help the children come to healthy acceptance of what has happened in their family.


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This program is NOT a counselling session or therapy for children. It is strictly a peer support group.



Even though a child may have experienced his/her loss many years ago, sharing the experience would still be a benefit with loss or change.

For more information contact the Parish Centre at 0504 22229.