May 28, 2020 in

‘Some Revision – Now Decision’
Our Parish of Thurles is blessed to have a vibrant Community where so many young people attend our Secondary Schools every day – on the eve of what would have been an important time in their young lives in facing examinations, we will want to acknowledge this, so next Tuesday evening 2nd June at 7.00p.m. from our Cathedral, on www.thurlesparish.ie or google twitch and then search: Thurles parish live – a ‘live streamed’ 20 minute prayer service will take place to remember and pray for them – the Exams may have been cancelled but the role and importance of our young people will always be essential…..
Just a few little thoughts, prayers, wishes and a blessing on all our young people and especially our ‘Leaving Certs of 2020’ at this time of decision.