Upcoming Events

Visit of the Relics of Saints Louis & Zélié and their daughter St. Thérése of Lisieux:

The Relics of these three saints of the one family were in Ireland for the World Meeting of Families and were an integral part of the congress. The Relics are travelling throughout Ireland at present and will be in the Cathedral of the Assumption, Thurles, on Monday, September 3rd from 11.00a.m. (approx.) to 5.00p.m. As the rose is a flower particularly associated with St. Thérése, we invite you to bring a rose if you wish. These will will be placed near the Relics.

PHIL COULTER – CATHEDRAL ECHOES – Tickets available in the Parish Centre, Cathedral Street and Bookworm, Liberty Square. Enjoy an evening with the internationally renowned composer and musician Phil Coulter, with Geraldine Brannigan,  in the Cathedral of the Assumption, Thurles on Friday September 28th. This event will mark the beginning of our fundraising for the Cathedral re-roofing project. Ticket Donation: €35.  Contact the Parish Office @ 0504 22229 or email parishcentre@thurlesparish.ie for more information