The restoration of the Cathedral of the Assumption, completed in 2003, was enabled by fundraising within Thurles Parish and throughout the archdiocese of Cashel & Emly.  In 2007, Thurles Parish undertook Thurles Parish Development to renovate S.S. Joseph & Brigid Church, Bóthar na Naomh, the Presbytery at Bóthar na Naomh, the construction of a Pastoral Care Centre, namely Lámh Chúnta and the refurbishment of the Cathedral Presbytery and necessary works on the Cathedral Tower.

The Fundraising Target was set at €2.5m to cover all the above works and provide for future maintenance of all parish buildings.

We have now completed all the planned works at a total cost of €2.2m.  Thanks to the generosity of Thurles parishioners we have to date raised almost €2.1m of our present €2.5m target.

With due regard to the fact that people are experiencing hardship due to the current, albeit improving, economic climate, we intend to continue to meet our target in order to provide for ongoing maintenance and make provision to restore the Cathedral roof due in 2019.   We are currently preparing an estimate of the cost of the restoration of the Cathedral roof.  If you would like to contribute to our ongoing fundraising appeal please see our Donations page.