Cathedral of the Assumption “Raise the Roof” Fundraising Initiative

Thurles Parish has launched a fundraising initiative to raise the very significant sum required to fund the cost of reroofing the Cathedral of the Assumption. The existing roof is fast approaching the end of its lifespan and will need to be fully replaced within the next 3-4 years. As it is necessary to plan for that now a Cathedral Reroofing Project Group was established recently to plan for, manage and coordinate the project.

Nearly 20 years ago now very substantial refurbishment works were undertaken on the Cathedral. However, these did not include any works to the roof as they were not necessary at that time.

The raising of the funds required for the reroofing project is the obvious first priority given that the estimated cost is approx. €1.6 million.

Having explored a number of fundraising options and particularly also taking account of Covid-19 restrictions, the fundraising initiative will be centred on the Thurles Cathedral “Raise the Roof” lotto. People can join on-line for as little as €2 per week (for one line) or a maximum of €5 per week (for 3 lines) with the weekly jackpot starting at €1,000 and growing every week if not won. Any week that the lotto is not won will see a draw for a cash prize.

Anyone joining the lotto will be given a secure password to the dedicated lotto fundraiser webpage where they can access regular updates. They will also receive weekly texts and/or emails.

Regular updates on the overall reroofing project will be available on the parish website