Cathedral Roof restoration due by 2019:

The fibre cement slate roof to the Cathedral replaced the original polychromatic roof (of Bangor blue slates and Killaloe Grey slates) in 1979. This roof is now over 35 years old. The normal life expectancy of fibre cement slates from the 1970’s would be in the region of 40 years. There is evidence of some initial deterioration in the existing roof. Allowance should be made for the replacement of the existing roof finish (comprising fibre cement slates on battens on bitumen roof felt) within the next five years. As the Cathedral is a Protected Structure it is likely that the Planning Authority will require the reinstatement of the earlier natural slate with polychromatic banding of the slates. These slates would have a significantly longer life-expectancy and would greatly enhance the appearance of the Cathedral, but will also add to the cost of the work. There may well be some significant conservation grant assistance available for this work (depending on economic climate at the time).