A new baby

In choosing to have your child baptised you are taking the first step of your child’s journey to God. It is a very good beginning but it does not stop there. At the ceremony of Baptism you will promise to bring up your child as a Catholic. You will do that best by the practise of your own faith and by telling your child about God.


Every Weekend in both Churches:


6.00 p.m. Saturday
11.45 p.m. Sunday


10.45 a.m. Sunday

Very often there is more than one child being baptised, it is essential that everyone is on time at the church.

OFFERING: (If you wish to give an offering to the Church and Sacristan we leave that up to you.)

Here in the parish of Thurles, we have a Baptism Team. This is made up of lay men and women who themselves have had children and who would like to help you at this time at the baptism of your child.
You and your partner are invited to a meeting at which the ceremony and all that is involved will be explained to you. It will also be an opportunity to meet other parents.

Parish Centre: First and Third Tuesday’s of every month at 8.30 p.m.
Please confirm your attendance with Parish Office (10.00am – 5p.m. @ 0504 22229 ) on Monday previous to meeting.

Choose your baby’s godparents with care.
They must share your faith, and be at least 16 years old. They should be living near enough to get to know the baby. They will be undertaking to share with you the responsibility for handing on the faith to the child as (s)he grows up.


After the Baptism, the priest will add your baby’s name to the Baptismal Register. Your child will then be able to receive a Baptismal Certificate at any future date. The information included will be taken from the completed form below. Please make sure that the details are filled in correctly, as a change may be difficult at a later date. To confirm time and date of Baptism, please return the attached page to the Parish Office at least two weeks beforehand. Please confirm with Parish Office receipt of your booking form.

If you wish to have your child baptised in Thurles Parish, please fill out the application form available from the Parish Office.