Cathedral Daily Masses July 2020


Daily masses are now underway, and we warmly welcome all parishioners back. While it is a ‘new normal’, it is a great feeling for priests and parishioners, sacristans, stewards, ministers and all involved to re-connect. And we extend our gratitude to each of the sacristans in particular, who carry out their extended roles in these times, with such care and consideration for everybody entering the Cathedral.
Just a brief reminder to all:
The Cathedral of the Assumption is open to the public for two masses and these are streamed live at 11.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. every day, including Sunday. We encourage people to come to Mass once weekly, come during the week to avoid big numbers at the weekend. You fulfil your obligation to attend Mass in these times by attending any Mass during the week. Communion can only be distributed on the hands in line with current Covid-19 Guidelines.
The provision of the two mass times allows for the sanitisation of the Cathedral in provision of a safe environment.
The capacity of the Cathedral is now 150 people, and this is possible with certain criteria in place:
Adherence to social distancing guidelines is paramount, as is hand hygiene measures.
Clear distinct zones with not more than 50 people in each area is advised under updated protocols. There is strictly to be no movement of people between zones, before, during or after services. These zones are clearly cordoned off within the Cathedral –:
Zone A, the centre aisles of the Cathedral, will be accessed through the main middle door, and exit point is through the same door.
Zone B – The Bishops palace, Our Lady’s altar side will be accessed through the front right entrance and exit point will be the side door leading into Arch-Bishop’s Kieran’s grounds.
Zone C – the Sacred Heart altar side will be accessed through the front left entrance, and the exit point will be side door at the Sacred Heart altar, by the Ursuline buildings.
The staggered exits are to facilitate ease of movement and to avoid overcrowding outside.
We would like to remind people to sit on the X, as these are clearly marked for social distancing. It is ok for families to sit alongside each other in the pews. Also, a gentle reminder that face coverings are now strongly recommended for indoor settings.
Bóthar na Naomh church will continue to be available for private prayer and will be open from 9.00 a.m. to the extended time of 2.00 p.m. daily. The Cathedral will continue to open for private prayer, remaining open after 11.00 a.m. Mass extended now to 5.00 pm. It will reopen for 7.00 p.m. Mass. The closure at 5.00 p.m. is to facilitate sanitising of the building prior to mass. Please note that Section A, the central aisles are the allocated section for private prayer, accessed and exited through the main entrance.
Thank you to all for your continued patience and co-operation as these uncertain times continue.