Pope Francis meets with the Parish Cells Movement

Parish Cellss

Parish Cells of Evangelization, founded in South Korea with the aim of promoting the spirit of evangelization has flourished in many countries including the United States, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

In his remarks to those present in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis on Saturday 5th September 2015 spoke about the importance of being a missionary and said above all this requires listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who is at the heart of evangelization.

He also underlined how their daily work helps the parish community become a family, where, the Pope said, “we find the rich and multifaceted reality of the Church”, and where no one is judged.

He also added, that sharing time together, such as in the home “is a genuine experience of evangelization that is very similar to what happened in the early days of the Church.”

Finally, the Holy Father encouraged the group present to make the Eucharist the heart of their mission of evangelisation, so that each cell is a Eucharistic community “where the breaking of bread is to recognise the real presence of Jesus Christ in our midst.”

Concluding he said “Now we pray to our Lady, all together, the Mother of the Church, Our lady of tenderness, to help us move forward in this testimony.” Hail Mary…

Thurles Parish Cells were well represented at this blessed and inspirational event in Rome.

THURLES PARISH CELLS resume fortnightly Sacred Scripture reflection and prayer meetings in the designated homes week commencing Monday Sept. 21st. We earnestly and sincerely invite newcomers to come along to our gatherings. Essentially these are informal and welcoming events. Why not give it a try. Contact the Parish Centre for details at 22229.