Re-Openning of Bóthar na Naomh Church

Thank you to everybody involved in the safe re-opening of the Cathedral for daily masses, namely the sacristans, stewards and ministers for their on-going commitment. Maintaining the safety of the public in these very uncertain times is a challenge whilst also creating a welcoming, peaceful, sanctuary for all to return to. It is you, the congregation that are the heart of the faith community, and it is hoped that this experience of returning to a new normal within the church continues to meet your needs despite the restrictions in place, and we are particularly mindful of bereaved families in these times.
Bóthar na Naomh Church is now open for Sunday Mass only at 9.00 a.m. every Sunday and this Mass is also live streamed through our parish website (see below). The current regulations limit the capacity to 70 people only in Bóthar na Naomh Church which is divided into two sections. People will be guided by stewards to enter the Church through the specified door and sit only where the seats are clearly displayed by Yellow ‘X’. Stewards will continue to guide people in an orderly manner to Communion, maintaining social distancing. Eucharistic ministers and priests will distribute Communion behind screens for everybody’s safety. The Eucharist can be distributed on the hands only. Once the maximum capacity of 70 has been reached the doors will be closed (not locked).It is hoped that the provision of this Mass in Bóthar na Naomh Church can allow ease of access for people who have mobility concerns, and we ask others to be mindful of same. A speaker system is available in the grounds as in the Cathedral Yard so people are invited to socially distance outside if necessary and there will be an opportunity to receive Communion at the main door. As indicated a few weeks ago also a Radio link will shortly be installed similar to that in the Cathedral.
Daily masses in the Cathedral at 11.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.
WEARING OF FACE COVERINGS AT MASS: It remains our responsibility to ensure that our services of worship are safe places for all who join with us. It has become increasingly clear that the wearing of face coverings, in conjunction with hand washing etc., is likely to reduce the spread of coronavirus, thus helping to protect others. Their use is therefore one way in which we can evidence protection for the most vulnerable, support for our health workers, and practical love for our neighbours. Following further recent consultations with public health authorities, Church leaders are now
formally recommending and encouraging the use of face coverings at all services of worship, along with the ongoing maintenance of 2 metre physical distancing, from Sunday 30 August 2020. We understand that some people are exempted from the wearing of face coverings.
Many thanks for your ongoing understanding and co-operation.