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Youth Together Trip June 2014


Youth Together Goes Underground!

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky for some – but in Thurles Parish, we are not superstitious!! It was in fact the date of the Youth Together outing – and it marked the end of the year for those in the 1st and 2nd year groups….

Kilkenny was the destination of choice, with Dunmore Caves being the first stop. As we headed from the heat of the day, we were glad to experience the coolness of the caves. We descended 46 metres in total, into the darkness, and learned that we were lucky to be visiting such a cave, as it had been found by accident. We were lucky that the resident bat population had no interest in their visitors, and we only had to watch our steps, as we entered the various caves, with their different formations.

Before leaving Dunmore, we had to mark a very special event – Fr.Pat was celebrating 20 years as a priest. And it was fitting to have some chocolate cake, sweets, crisps and minerals to feast upon – and that we did!!

Next, we hit K-Bowl in Kilkenny, where we divided into groups to tackle the sport of bowling! From pure novices to seasoned experts, the teams undertook the challenge with gusto. Whilst some needed buffers to hit the pins (no names mentioned!), there were plenty of strikes without any help. Eventually the hunger caught up with us, and we had to hit McDonalds to eat our fill.

Thanks to all the teenagers and leaders for a terrific day out. It was a great chance to meet before breaking for the summer, and all agreed, it was fantastic fun.

See you all in September!